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6:10Chicken Girls Season 8 | Cast Premiere
Chicken Girls Season 8 | Cast PremiereOgledi 176 tis.Pred 7 dnevi
4:20ATTAWAY GENERAL | Season 2 | Bloopers!
ATTAWAY GENERAL | Season 2 | Bloopers!Ogledi 241 tis.Pred 7 dnevi
12:07CHICKEN GIRLS | Season 8 | Ep. 1: ”The Burn”
2:27CHICKEN GIRLS | Season 8 | Official Trailer
CHICKEN GIRLS | Season 8 | Official TrailerOgledi 529 tis.Pred 21 dnevom
7:28CHICKEN GIRLS | Season 8 | Behind The Scenes
1:44HEART \u0026 SOUL | Attaway General | Trailer
3:40Brat TV's 2021 Resolutions
Brat TV's 2021 ResolutionsOgledi 86 tis.Pred 3 meseci
1:41ATTAWAY GENERAL S2 | Official Trailer | Brat TV
2:55Kenzie’s Top 20 of 2020 | Brat TV
Kenzie’s Top 20 of 2020 | Brat TVOgledi 116 tis.Pred 3 meseci
4:56Brat TV's Best Ships of 2020 | BRAT TV
Brat TV's Best Ships of 2020 | BRAT TVOgledi 140 tis.Pred 3 meseci


  • When did she get a accent

  • ellie is so dramatic and over reacts pls😩😩

  • Simone , Brittany, Eggie, and Katie just get on my nerves their all disrespectful and rude for no reason 🙄


  • Cant handle your face your twins

  • Eggie is like "nope don't vote her"

  • How nice!! That is really sweet!!

  • bad boy gonna steal harmony

  • Me!!!

  • Me tho 😂

  • Who else is watching this 1 year later?

  • Leo is so cute I like him Look at leo hair it's so cool oh my gosh I would definitely pick Leo to be my boyfriend but I already have one I can take one more anyhoo all the boys in my class is literally in love with me I don't know why but I feel like me I don't really like some of them in my class not really but some of them pretty cute

  • This made me selftrust I wanna be a docter later in the hospital

  • Benny is like the only good character in this show

  • Wait what did Page say that there laughing at piper

  • Lmao i always want to see the part where they kiss💀😂

  • i love that tk come back

  • so if you can give me a shot out i will tell my mom to follow you but you you will many not do it you will many not see it any way

  • and famila diamond can i please have a shot out if you do it will be the best day of my live and i am in the hospital so it is hard and my mom said i can not have Instagram twiter and snap chat

  • i wish you mad more videos but when the kids are older

  • I love chicken girls

  • I miss Kayla in season six

  • You never did mani season 3 marathon

  • Are they all on tik tok

  • Olos

  • Stephany is so sweet!

  • I litterly cringed when rooney and stephanie kiss but i ship themm so hardd


  • Wait, nobody realized that the parents didn’t think it was weird when the girl had the glasses on?( I forgot the girls name😅

  • Wow

  • Watching this after there SLnumber channels

  • The acting is soo bad

  • 2021 anyone?

  • This show keeps getting worse but i keep watching it lol

  • I like the idea for the movie ;-))))

  • Me watching the whole series again after seeing the most recent episode season 8 episode 3 with Hayley as the main character 🤣 I can’t believe it’s been 3 years😭

  • Piper went crazy

  • I am sooooo sad sky left

  • im pretty sure veryyone needs goodddddddddddddddddddddd +}

  • i-

  • Wowwwww it was made in 2017 its 2020 I was like 9

  • its so cringy but i still watch ;]

  • Indi is funny and looking back at these memories is crazy and beautiful

  • Gonna be together

  • Wen is rhyme and tk

  • Oop-

  • are they gonna film season 3, ever?

  • Dirt

  • I am literally watching this on 2:20 AM..

  • before tk move and he ws with rhyme she was SO happy now he is here and she still seems down idk the is HOT TEA

  • Harmony's voice changed right

  • I came here from the podcast video 🤣🤣🤣

  • um nobody gonna talk about 2:00 lmao

  • Just like a love story

  • Is it just me or the relationship between Skye and mani kinda gives of the same vibe as piper and Hunter

  • I love brat tv a bunch of SLnumberrs in a FREAKING MOVIE 😀😍

  • Sofie went over to super girly

  • it waas so great love that there was drama lol

  • These series are dope

  • 9:13 Jordan laughed and they kept it in



  • omg avani gregg

  • Am i the only one who is treffified of this and is like watching this at like age 10 just me ok

  • Is it just me that feels like they should of done this with the original chicken girls.... like I'm still heart broken that the OG cast isn't in it as much anymore :(

  • Me

  • omgg my name is rayaaa

  • 3:21 i caught a mistake here i can litterly see the mics hanging on txu and coco's back

  • Why is Jenna being so mean

  • Hey love you video

  • Yo ther are lots of dharmann actors

  • Im so confused, how is Rosie homophobic? All I heard was her sharing how her cousin thought he was gay, then questioned his sexuality for a while, and then confirmed to not be gay. I've replayed that scene and read the other comments/replies, still confused

  • Has anyone noticed how rhyme is on all the thumbnails

  • Yo liper great acting

  • They just dropped her